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Furniture Cleaning

Furniture cleaning There is a variety of cleaning methods used, and a large difference in the amount of time a technician can take to do this.

We have been trained and are IICRC certified in this field. In training we learn that we have to treat each fabric on its own merit, and not just any one cleaning method is necessarily right for all fabrics.

We can use 4 different methods to clean fabrics with:

1) Steam cleaning - simple water in, dirty water out process. This is the most common method and very good at cleaning synthetic fibers.

2) Shampoo - this is a foaming type of cleaning, which is proper for cleaning cottons, etc. Cottons prefer to not receive any more moisture than necessary.

3) Dry Cleaning Solvent - proper for fabrics containing Rayon, Viscose, and other fibers highly susceptible to shrinkage. This method is also good for fabrics that are susceptible to color bleeding, water marking, etc. This method is more intensive and costly to perform and is not used very frequently.

4) Combinations of the above.

We clean in your home for your convenience.

What separates us from other cleaners is our technicians are IICRC certified cleaners and they can use the above the methods to clean your upholstery properly and safely.

The American Furniture Manufactures association recommends that all fabric be cleaned 18 - 24 months and should be cleaned when soil is visible to the naked eye. Upholstery fabrics have a higher stain ability factor meaning that some simple spots don't always come out and can be permanent. We usually recommend that they have a fabric protector put on the furniture because they receive more soil in relation to how often they are cleaned.

Leather Cleaning

Leather is a very common upholstery fabric in today's world, however, it too needs professional attention. It dries, then cracks and eventually splits. In order to prevent all this we will clean and replenish the moisture in your leather furniture. This will extend the life and beauty of the piece. Regular maintenance is a must as well as inspecting it for cracks. When you have cracks in the leather you have already waited too long and it needs attention very soon. They usually need re-moisturizing every two years.

Fabric Protection

Protectors as you know are known in common terms as "SCOTCHGARD". However, just like KLEENEX, this is only a brand name that was well marketed. There are varying grades of fabric protectors. Each has its purpose in the marketplace. The trick is to use the right one for the right situation. We will recommend the best for your situation. Every new carpet and furniture fabric is built with protection from original manufacture, it is important to keep this protection up over its lifetime as well.

We normally use three brands:

1. 3M Scotchgard - This protects against oil, and water based stains as well as dirt, dust, mud, and grime. WE COMMONLY USE 3M SCOTCHGARD FOR FURNITURE.

DuPont Teflon - As you well know, Teflon protects your frying pans from foods that stick! It makes cleanup a snap! And so it is with DUPONT TEFLON
- it makes vacuuming easier, spot cleaning easier, and the need for carpet cleaning less frequent. It resists soiling very well. Water and oil based stains are less likely to be a problem. WE RECOMMEND DUPONT TEFLON FOR YOUR CARPET, particularly frequently used areas. This is a way of reducing the damage done by wear to your carpet. During our estimate we will show you where we would recommend its use.

3. DuPont Masterseries - Do you have problems with
Koolaid, Slurpees etc. Then this is for you! IT IS A PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE that can save you a tremendous amount of money in cleaning, or replacement after the spill. This can make your nylon or wool carpet stain resistant! It is a blood relative to products that are used by manufacturers, that make stain resistant carpet. We are licensed for this. Not every cleaner has this license. It has all the benefits of Teflon - and more - it resists dye stains such as Koolaid, Jello, red wine, colored pop, etc. These products are colored by a similar (and stronger) dye used to dye carpet. Such stains are extremely difficult and expensive to get out. Now they can come out with water! THIS PRODUCT IS ALSO RECOMMENDED TO REPLACE THE ORIGINAL PROTECTION WORN OF THE TIPS OF FIBERS, CAUSED BY WEAR AND FRICTION.

As with all floor protectors, regardless of type or brand, they all wear off the tips via friction and/or abrasion.

We recommend that this lost protection be replaced periodically to maintain your carpet appearance, and ease of cleaning!

Our cleaning process does not remove any protection already locked in.


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